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Cybersecurity - Holding the Fort

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Benefits of Activbytes Cybersecurity offerings

To address the challenges faced by enterpirses, Activbytes has developed customized cybersecurity solutions.

Benefits - Robotics Process Automation
  • Security Monitoring which includes monitoring and alerting enterprises of security events and incidents.
  • Experienced Cybersecurity resources to analyze the various incidents reported and perform investigation to prevent an attack or contain an ongoing attack to minimize the damage.
  • Experienced team in analyzing the output from various security tools and reducing the noise or false positive alerts
  • Threat Intelligence platform to provide cyberattack and threat information before hand to enable enterprises to prepare and thwart any attack attempts
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management services helping clients to thoroughly test the applications – web, mobile, infrastructure, IoT
  • Application security assessment to enable developers to remediate the security holes before attacker finds out

Cybersecurity - No breach within reach

Attacking the attacker

  • Black box and Grey box penetration testing
  • Web application Security assessment
  • IoT and embedded systems security assessment
  • Mobile Application Security assessment
  • Cloud Services security assessment

Defending disruption

  • Security Monitoring and Response
  • Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics
  • SIEM technologies design and implementation
  • IR investigation, containment and eradication

What's on the cards?

Robotics Process Automation

Activbytes leverages the vast experience gained in automating various processes and tasks in backoffice transformation and infrastructure service delivery.

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Security is of utmost importance to any new-age enterprise. We employ due foresight and active monitoring to prevent cyber attacks of any nature.

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